Jeffrey Manber

President of International & Space Stations, Voyager Space Board Chair

Jeffrey Manber is today responsible for directing Voyager Space growth in the international community, as well as the strategic direction of Starlab, the world’s first commercial free-flyer space station. He is the only businessperson to have worked commercially on multiple space stations, from Freedom to Mir to the International Space Station.

As a noted pioneer in the development of commercial space activities, Jeffrey has worked to evolve space exploration to where the government is a customer, and hardware and services are performed by the commercial sector, just like aviation and other tech industries.

As the Co-Founder of Nanoracks, the first company in the world to own and operate its own hardware on the ISS, he directed the development of the Bishop Airlock, the first and only commercial airlock on the ISS.

He served as Managing Director of Energia USA, the American arm of RSC Energia during which the basic principals of the ISS were agreed to. In 1991, Manber negotiated and executed the first commercial contract between NASA and the NPO Energia in the Soviet Union to use the Soyuz crewed capsule as an escape vehicle for Space Station Freedom.

As CEO of the Dutch company MirCorp, he leased the Russian space station “Mir” and oversaw the first commercial 70-day crewed mission. Jeffrey co-developed the first fund dedicated to commercial space on Wall Street with Shearson Lehman.

He has authored of three books. His second, Selling Peace, chronicles his time working with the Russian space program and his most recent From the Earth to Mars is a graphic non-fiction history of the rocket travel pioneers of the 1920s. In 2012, Jeffrey was awarded the NASA Exceptional Public Achievement Medal and the Space Frontier Foundation’s 2017 Pioneer of New Space Award.

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