Abraham Akinwale Interview

Category: Podcast Series

In this episode:  We meet Abraham Akinwale, who is an alumnus of the International Space University and Department of Mechanical Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, and co-founder of MPG Aerospace. He is focused on building and developing African space business through capacity building in space science and technology in African countries and establishment of African space companies.

The African space industry is in its infancy and faces many political and logistical hurdles.  But dreamers like Abraham see the possibilities and are devoted to bringing those dreams to reality.  Join us as Abraham describes the obstacles he and others face, and the potential to be developed on the continent of Africa.

The Space Community benefits Abraham in more than just a professional capacity.  “One thing I would really say is this, you know, you are not alone. So many other industries around the world might be acting alone, but when it comes to the space industry, it’s a community. You are not alone. For anybody starting out right now, no matter how you feel, no matter your dreams, there is a community that is ready to help, that is ready to support.”

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