Special Speaker Series

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: These Are the Drones You’re Looking For

Originally Aired: April 9, 2020

Unmanned aircraft systems, also known as drones, are a new technology with many beneficial uses including goods delivery, infrastructure surveillance, search and rescue, agricultural monitoring and weather forecasting. This presentation will discuss the state of the art of drone technology, the evolving rules and regulations, several exciting use cases and the future of autonomous robotic aircraft.

Space Law

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In this session, we will cover international and national space law. International space law is established by five international treaties and many other instruments, such as U.N. Declarations. Many nations have space laws, but this session will focus on the well-developed U.S. space law.

So, You Won the Contract! What Now?

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This lecture will offer a guide on how to use the first 30 days to set up your aerospace project for long-term success. Topics will include implementing programmatic and technical management structures and processes, early program reviews, communication plans and key management attributes for a successful relationship with your customer.

Simple Cyber… Protecting Your Business from Internet Theft

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Imagine that there are burglars near your business, and 60% of the businesses they broke into went out of business in six months. Stop imagining… the reality can be worse. There are literally millions of those burglars, just a click away from your business, looking to steal everything you’ve built – from money to ideas to your business itself. This…

Pioneering the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Additive Manufacturing

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The fourth industrial revolution is upon us and will force profound changes in the way we do business, build things, employ our workforce and bring products to market. Companies that don’t take advantage of new technologies and new ways to compete in the marketplace will not survive. This module will explore one of these new technologies – additive manufacturing, a…

Negotiating Skills & Conflict Resolution

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Is there a model of negotiating and conflict resolution that I can apply from memory, on the fly and while under pressure, that will help me break deadlocks, build relationships, and help me resolve difficult, emotional or complex conflicts? In this lecture, we will discuss such a model and how to apply it.

Intellectual Property in the Aerospace Industry

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Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions, symbols, names and images used in commerce and literary and artistic works. Every business has intellectual property and can be impacted by others’ intellectual property. Intellectual property touches nearly every aspect of business, from ownership and protection of inventions, to selecting and defending trademarks, to protecting confidential information, to…

Don’t be Everything to Everyone: Tips to Create a Meaningful Strategy

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Business is still people driven, and success requires thoughtful strategy in your relationships as well as your product. This lecture will focus on the fundamentals of building your company’s growth strategy based on your choice of markets and customer base. The discussion will include defining what you’re selling, refining to whom you sell and creating a strategy roadmap that adapts…