Podcast Series

Shelli Brunswick iBPM Live Interview

Originally Aired: March 30, 2021

Join us as Shelli Brunswick, COO of Space Foundation discusses "How to Leverage Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Space Ecosystem" with Jose Pires, CEO and Founder of Global Excellence & Innovation. Space — once considered the final frontier and only accessible to a select few — is now home to the most dynamic and innovative ecosystems on the planet.…

Kiran Chin Interview

Originally Aired: March 23, 2021

In this episode: We meet Kiran Chin, managing partner and CEO of MKA Insights located in New York, NY.  Kiran lead’s MKA’s global strategy practice.  She is an experienced leader on topics including finance, strategy and marketing, Kiran works closely with small to mid-size firms on business planning, market penetration strategies, competitive positioning, scale up and globalization. Kiran was born…

Bill Kemp Interview

Originally Aired: March 19, 2021

In this episode:  We meet Bill Kemp, founder and CEO of United Space Structures located in Falls Church Virginia.  United Space Structures is a development, design, and construction company that will operate in earth’s orbit utilizing robots to build the future’s largest structures in the most economical way possible. What steps led Bill to start USS?  From his first career…

Venus Quates Interview

Originally Aired:

In this episode:  We meet Venus Quates, the president and CEO of LAUNCHTECH. LAUNCHTECH provides technology and end-to-end business services as well as technology resale solutions to government and commercial customers. During her career in the Air Force in information systems management, Venus learned leadership, teamwork, adaptability, and discipline.  Those skills combined with a variety of experiences after leaving the…

Abraham Akinwale Interview

Originally Aired:

In this episode:  We meet Abraham Akinwale, who is an alumnus of the International Space University and Department of Mechanical Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, and co-founder of MPG Aerospace. He is focused on building and developing African space business through capacity building in space science and technology in African countries and establishment of African space companies. The African space…