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“Space Matters” Session 2 Event Recap: A Space of Collaboration

Space Matters invites speakers from different backgrounds in the space community to discuss trending space topics. Space Foundation’s most recent “Space Matters” session was held on February 10, 2022. The session, introduced by Symposium 365 Senior Vice President Thomas Dorame, served to: Bring rich and candid discussion with space policy experts Discuss emerging issues and…

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Event Recap: Navigating Space, a Vision for Space in Defense

Space is becoming more congested and contested as new technologies emerge and barriers to entry fall. New players—both emerging space nations and commercial—are vying for advantage. At the same time, humanity’s reliance on space activity is becoming more ingrained by the day. Questions around space security and defense are paramount. “Navigating Space, a Vision for…

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State of Space 2022: Event Recap

Eric Stallmer, Executive VP for Government Affairs and Public Policy for Voyager Space, described feeling hopeful for the commercialization of space exploration and the possibility of passenger voyages. This game-changing possibility is an incredible opportunity for growth within the space industry. Stallmer further explained that not only is there room for growth in the commercial…

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